Tips for Thwarting Motorcycle Thieves!

Since motorcycles are easily accessible, they are highly prone to theft. If you like to hit the open road on two wheels, be mindful of these theft prevention guidelines to avoid having your bike taken.

Call us at 970-243-6600 for a Motorcycle Insurance Quote!

Call us at 970-243-6600 for a Motorcycle Insurance Quote!

Tips for Thwarting Motorcycle Thieves

  • When you get off your bike, shut off the ignition and then lock it.
  • Lock the forks (disk brakes). Purchase locks that are brightly colored to discourage potential thieves.
  • Lock multiple motorcycles together if you are traveling in a pack.
  • If you are riding alone, lock your motorcycle to a stationary object that cannot be dismantled such as a light pole.
  • Install an alarm on your bike that sounds when it is tampered with.
  • Park your bike in front of a security camera or close to your room, when staying at a hotel for the evening.
  • Check on your bike periodically when you are at a public event, especially shortly after you arrive. A thief may have watched you arrive and waited for you to walk away before making a move.
  • Block your bike with a vehicle in a garage.
  • Store the title for your motorcycle in your home; not in the compartments or saddlebags on your bike.
  • Mark your bike with a unique symbol or mark and take photographs of that. If your motorcycle is stolen, you can present this information to the police.
  • Always keep your motorcycle registration and insurance information with you when riding.

Motorcycle thieves may try and steal your bike when you are putting it up for sale. When potential buyers come to test drive your bike at your home:

  • Withhold the title until you have conducted a background check on the potential buyer and his/her payment has cleared. Then, mail the title.
  • Verify the buyer’s personal information and cross reference it with their identification.
  • Do not allow buyers to take your bike for a test drive after he/she has been dropped off by another person. They may take a ride and never come back.

In addition to theft prevention, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to learn more about all of our risk management and insurance solutions for your auto, home and life. 970-243-6600

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